My Résumé.

I hope that you find my résumé refreshing. It showcases my work and experiences during my adventurous career. I am eager to add more opportunities to this document.

Currently, I am planning on joining the tech scene. I am excited to see where I wind up within this booming industry, especially within an urban center. Putting myself in a lively city would push me to help create the next best thing in tech. I hope to become part of an organization that tips its hat to traditional media (my design background) and hope to use my experiences to help me become a bigger, better and trending designer.

Feel free to download my résumé by following the link below.
Please contact me with any questions regarding my résumé.

Feel free to download my résumé here.

The  portfolio  of  Philip  D.  Gallam

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The  portfolio of  Philip  D.  Gallam      ---