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My purpose as a visual and product designer is to not only help develop the UX of a product, but to further evolve that concept/wireframe into a living, breathing experience with personality, beauty and purpose. Having the UX of a product is one thing, but if that's as far as designers go, users won't feel compelled to use the product. A product has to look pretty. Where I find myself focused mainly on the look and feel of a product, I also make sure to participate in the research and testing phases long before I even think about the look and feel. I want to be sure to understand the true purpose of the product so as to create the most appropriate visual solution. To truly build an immersive and delightful digital product is to make sure that I am multifaceted in the design process and participate in ALL aspects of the product’s lifetime.

All of the works in this collection are presented as case studies. To understand the complexity and breadth of the designs, showcasing each phase in the projects requires detailed descriptions and explanations, along with supporting visuals, of course. I hope that you enjoy reading through these case studies, and if you have any questions regarding the content, don't hesitate to ask!

High Impact B2B Gifting


Attracting new corporate customers with a website redesign.


A Match Made in Heaven


Making character-matching more immersive through a new mobile experience.


Job Hunting Made Easy


Designing a web-based organization tool for bootcamp designers looking for jobs.


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